“Artefacts from good old times”

is a sculpture and photo project KuBO started in 2009:


All sculptures are done with own developed colours which are used in a unique and complex multilayer technique which has been developed by KuBO over the last 25 years.

One of the relics, the Lucky Cat, is shrouded in mystery, its origins debated and its story multilayered. Owing to this, he coats the cats in multiple layers, transforming it into an artifact from good old times. His sculptural works feature found natural objects treated the same way; by obscuring their origins, K.u.B.O. transforms them into the heirlooms we crave.

In a rapidly changing city like K.u.B.O.’s hometown of Hong Kong, the photos he made of the city last week are historical documentation this week. He shifts the color balance inside the camera before shooting (no postproduction) to force us to give up on the stale idea of what yesterday looks like. K.u.B.O. is creating the relics of tomorrow.

Cat Red LR2